Are you JUST STRESSED at the thought of racking up College Debt just to get a "Real Education"?

Tired of Falling Short in life because you don't have a college degree?

  • Tired of the traditional education maze and wish there was just an easier and better way?
  • Did your family, friends, spouse or employer look down on you and treat you badly because they thought you were not "educated enough"?
  • Are you the type who has seen YouTube stars flashing nice things and it inspired or even depressed you because you know you'll never live to that level?

Hi, I'm Craige and I've got the solution you need and have been dreaming of.

You've Been Lied to for Way Too Long

College is becoming crazy, unsustainable and out of reach!

With the ever rising college debt worldwide (and especially in the US), it has come under severe scrutiny
Not only is the cost but also it's validity.

The average student (assuming successful completion) takes about 5-10 years to repay their college debts

The sour truth is though, is that most don't even start.

Even for those who can and really want to make the commitment, it is scarily expensive

Change Your Life

"We are the most educated generation, but we've racked up over a trillion dollars of student loan debt. Only a third of those earning four-year degrees land jobs in this economy that require a degree, but too many are finding only low-skill jobs and struggling to get by".

Patrice Lee

They struggle to find a well-paying job for what they studied for if one at all.

It has gotten so bad it makes up the bulk of the US 1.7 Trillion Dollars National debt and the economy can no longer sustain it.

Colleges are closing down around the nation and students are panicking.

Even for those who can and really want to make the commitment, it is scarily expensive

With the cost of schooling rising every year, it's becoming more costly.

Banks are making conditions tougher to get loans, which places you and your family at an even bigger risk

And with many financial institutions, offering "sweet deals and packages" you're signing a bigger chunk of your life away.

Do you feel pressured by family & friends to go to college & do what pays BUT YOU HATE IT?

There's nothing more emotionally damaging to your self esteem when you're being questioned for your career choices and are judged for who you want to be become.

You See, I was once in your shoes

I felt stuck, frustrated at not getting the results I wanted out of life.

I used to be a primary school teacher who wanted a way out.

The job wasn’t terrible but I hated trading hours for chump change.

Being punished foolishly for being late (even if it wasn’t my fault). Working harder than everybody else yet getting paid the least.

This sucked, I am honest, skilled, full of integrity and potential. I deserved better.

It was then in desperation I decided to spend thousands (which I barely had at the time) to get a coach, a mentor to push me past my limiting beliefs and lack of experience and know-how. 

It was tough and he was very hard on me. I fell flat on my face a few times.

I took massive action and did the work.

And..I began making way more money, left my job . Started my online business and became a totally new person

And that is what I want to do for you

Yes, it's absolutely possible

There is just too much opportunity in this world to excel to sit around feeling guilty and sorry for yourself for wanting better. To go as far as you can go...and even further. And actually do something about it.

New, growing & more stable ways to make money and actually a career and life passion that fulfills you and feeds your family

To gain full access to the knowledge and lessons you need an grow & learn the skills to be the best you

True Happiness. Aim high and actually have the life you want without feeling the need to settle for what's around you.

College is out of reach for Most People

  • It's too expensive and the costs are rising: College tuition and accommodation fees have skyrocketed over the years causing huge protests in many countries such as France
  • You Live in a poor country and don't have access to a college
  • Student College debts is Crippling Economies around the world: The costs are climbing yearly and it's putting a major strain on the economy.

College Doesn't Guarantee Job Security

Gone are the days where you could just get started and trust you will be there with a nice retirement plan and benefits and be set for life.

Even a career is risky and with the rise of automation: Your job is Never safe.

Even as many Americans expect that machines will take over a great deal of human employment, an even larger share (80%) expect that their own jobs or professions will remain largely unchanged and exist in their current forms 50 years from now.

The demand for real skills that a machine can't simply replace is growing and employers simply do not value college credentials as they do real competency. Big brands simply do not depends on graduates for talent anymore.

Such shifts in company focus has led major brands like Google, Apple & even McDonalds to have their own programmes and develop the employees they want from scratch.

"Today's average college graduate will have at least 3-5 career changes in their lifetime, and 10-14 job changes by age 38" - US Dept. of Labor

It's easy to be depressed and be down about these statistics. It's easy to feel hopeless and miserable and do horrible things.

Thankfully you don't have to. It doesn't haven't to be this and there is a much better way.

And what is the SECRET FIX?

Here it is: $100 vs $100,000 Education

The Ultimate and Comprehensive on how to design and get the education and skills to reach your full potential.

With your $100 vs $100,000 Education this is what you get:

  1. 1
    How to decide if something is worth paying for: Value vs ROI: 
  2. 2
    How to get a job when you have no skills and no one knows you
  3. 3
    Learn how to get started making money online for free (powerful)
  4. 4
    How to determine what to learn and do next when you feel overwhelmed
$100 vs $100,000 Education


  • Cookie cutter how to self education guide on the internet: this e-book is filled with current and up to date recommendations and strategies
  • A college hate fest: I'm not against college at all. I'm against it being a mandatory path for everyone and one not being complete without it
  • A replacement for college-certified required professions such as Law or a being a Medical Doctor
  • Not for anyone who is overly skeptical, who only skim products and don't take action

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

"Craige is extremely skilled.

I have used his expertise before for myself and even recommended him to my clients. Highly recommend working with him  ”

Bilal Choudhry,

Star Digital

Get Your Copy of $100 vs $100,000 Education

  • How to test and pick your best career path
  • Should you go to college or not? The real test
  • The life essentials you must master to become a well rounded individual and competent adult no matter where you live
  • You are not dumb - the real reason you're not learning and how to banish it for good
$100 vs $100,000 college education

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“Craige's methods are very unusual but the results are mind-blowing.

If you want insane results then work with Craige..”

Callum Davies,
Best Selling Author
Judith Verity

"He was very knowledgeable and well organised.

He was also very good at communicating concepts which I found challenging which brought me so much results . 

It was a delight to work with him"

Judith Verity
Business Owner
Craige Hardel

About Craige

Online Entrepreneur and Mindset Coach. Craige Has been changing lives for years with clients around the world.

As a former educational show and media personality, Craige has been touching and impacting the lives of many and wants you to be the next one.

When you really take control of your life?

"Even as many Americans expect that machines will take over a great deal of human employment, an even larger share (80%) expect that their own jobs or professions will remain largely unchanged and exist in their current forms 50 years from now,"

$100 Education

  • Learn from the experiences of others
  • Learn from New Recession-proof business models that will put money in your bank account in under 3 Months
  • The roadmap to learn life's essential skills no matter your age or location

$100,000 College Degree

  • Four years (or less) of mandatory learning that may be outdated and for which you may not get a job
  • Super expensive and inflexible curriculum 
  • College Loans: a huge money commitment
$100 vs $100,000 college education

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't learn more and gain way more perspective by 30 Days, than you ever had before just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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