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Supercharge Your Skills & Dramatically
Increase Your Income on a Budget

Learn the cutting edge tools, skills and frameworks to stay ahead of any
competition and achieve massive success.

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Do you feel cheated, used, burnt out, or just flat out ripped off by the education system?

You've been told go to school, get good grades and you'll find a job that will put on fastrack to the career and life of your dreams. Yet you're still saddled with mounting debt, rejected application letters, and more stress.

Or do you have big dreams to build a business that adds massive value to the world, but college just isn't your thing? you and your family either can't afford it, don't have the patience to wait 3-5 years to start making real money, or don't care for it at all?

Also, you may be settled in your position but keep hearing your degree isn't enough to guarantee your job security with all the automation but you ask, what do I do then?

I understand how you feel because i've been there too...and after years of trial and testing decided to lay out a step by step blueprint to simplify the process.


10x Education

Your Guide to Learning the cutting edge skills and frameworks

to supercharge your skills and skyrocket your income on a budget

A Step by Step program that provides you the tools and frameworks to stay ahead
of any competition and achieve massive success.

Enroll in 10x Education

If any of these questions above describe you, then our 10x Education course is for you. The 10x Education course aims to provide the practical skills, tools, and frameworks to design and attain the high-value education of your dreams.

  • Without feeling limited by who you know or where you live (your one fair shot at success)

  • Without wasting time studying unessential and outdated material you may never use

  • Without the unreasonable sky-high costs and using 2023 resources and technology already at your fingertips

  • This program will cover

    Module 1 - What is 10x learning

  • Get clear on how to create learning goals that are ambitious, clear andin managable chunks

  • Discovery learning myths that have blocking your growth and putting the brakes on your potential

  • How to choose a learning style that actually suits you and how to make that work

  • Module 2 - Mastering the art of Effective Learning

  • How to get $1000s of dollars worth of practical information with this one investment

  • Learn our framework for choosing what books to read without and making the most of your time (so simple it’ll surprise you why you didn’t know this sooner)

  • Simple three step process for comprehending and retaining relevant new information

  • Module 3 - Effective Execution

  • Integrate your key learning projects into your daily living so you can complete them with ease

  • How to identify hidden opportunities to propel career / business growth that pay for themselves

  • How to craft your own personalized learning plan guaranteed to give you an edge above your competition

  • Testimonials

    Let's Hear From Our Students

    "Just want to state here this is really an extremely wonderful set of lessons to make yourself effective (not just efficient). I came across this course accidentally and IMO this is one of the best set of lessons in here. Craige using a range of vocabulary, practical examples, good reasoning and hints of motivation as required. 5/5!!!?

    Jagmeet Singh Hanspal

    About Your Instructor

    Craige Hardel is a Mindset & Accountability Coach who helps ambitious Entrepreneurs & Individuals become their best selves, go from Struggling to Fulfilled and Grow without Burnout so they can reach their full Potential.

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    If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, simply email me for a prompt and courteous refund. Note this is only available within 14 days of purchase and you need to send over proof of completed exercises and lessons.

    The 10x Education Program is also meant to help professionals create a new revenue stream and help them amplify their current skills.

    In addition, our program seeks to help people in minorities, who didn't have rich families or don't currently have many skills but need income to learn what it takes to thrive and actually compete.

    The 10x Education course will undoubtedly expand what you're capable of and show you exactly how to make learning work for you.

    10x Education: Learn How to Supercharge Your Skills and Increase your Earnings on a Budget rating