The Biggest Beginner Blogger mistake and how to Fix it

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Blogging can be long, hard and sweaty. 

Long hours doing research, writing content and formatting it to perfection can really take a toll on you

This is so especially when you’re starting out and don’t have a team. 

On top of that you have to build an email list and keep them engaged. Not to leave out promoting and being active on social media.

If you're more established, even keeping up with your content calendar and managing your team can feel like chaos. It can turn into a hot mess really quickly!

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When you hear you must invest in your business to grow, what comes to mind?

Money ofcourse. Purchasing a theme, plugins, graphics, tailwind for Pinterest.

While these are essentials, there’s one angle most beginner bloggers miss entirely. 

And that is paying for things that save you time and stress

They miss out and skimp on the one thing that may uplift their business the fastest.

And that is their website

Don’t believe me? Google Page Speed Insights Industry Benchmarks reveals that a website’s bounce rate wildly increases every second longer your website takes to load.

gpi benchmarks

Having a slow website could be small hinge that swings that big door in your business

And its something the pros know very well never miss!

You may ask how does this affect me. 

Very well 

Here are the cons of a slow website

The cons of a slow website

High bounce rate sends negative seo signals to search engines

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Google is getting smarter. Not only do they rank the best quality and freshest content, they rank based on your website speed too. It's part of the user experience.

If many visitors are coming and bouncing from your site, it simply implies that your content isn't relevant or viewers don't enjoy what they see. And your rankings will suffer

Less Revenue

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Money loves speed. Attention is becoming harder to grab and keep.

People simply don't wait for your page to load because they have options.

With the hottest news, Facebook cat videos, celebrity gossip battling for their attention, they'll gladly close that tab and never come back

Backlinko conducted a recent study that showed over one million search engine results and found that the #1 common factor between top sites was the website speed

Also Google's new page speed insights benchmarks further proves this. They found as the load times goes up the bounce rate does on average

Factors Affecting Website Speed

Number of http requests

http requests

Imagine a swimming pool party. A lot of friends are partying and having a good time.

They're all in there and its packed. You have to carefully tiptoe and struggle to get a spot that isn't occupied

When your website loads many installed plugins and scripts have to talk to each other

The high number of http requests can dramatically increase your website load time and slow it down

This is typically solved by reducing the number of plugins used to a minimum and what's necessary

Size of files loading on the page

web hosting cheap

You put a lot of effort into your blog content. You took hours and even days carefully selecting the perfect theme even purchased quality images or took them yourself for your posts

But here's one thing you never consider that's hugely important, your page size. All that fancy stuff adds weight to your website and your pages take longer to load.

You need to ensure you use a theme that's light, cleanly coded and optimized and a plugin to compress your images as you upload them


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I know a content delivery network sounds fancy. Think of it as roller skates for your website

People from around the world visit your website. Depending on where they're from, it doesn't load as quickly.

A CDN preloads your images and heavier files in their location to smoothen this speed difference out. I recommend BunnyCDN.

Poor quality web hosting

web hosting free

The grand daddy of factors and mistakes that bloggers make is using poor quality web hosting

It's like having high end furniture in a straw house or wearing an Armani suit with flip flops on a date

It just doesn't cut it.

None of the previous points will help if you're using dial-up, Flintstones hosting

Personally I've tried them all: Namecheap, Bluehost, Siteground, A2hosting, Network Solutions and a few lesser know options. While Siteground and A2 are may be just above average, the real devil is using shared hosting

Just imagine from the previous example a swimming pool of friends and everyone farted in it.

With Cloud Hosting or a Virtual Private Server (VPS) you own your dedicated resources with much better performance.

Your own fresh and clean swimming pool

I've tried a few of them as well. My recommended provider is Cloudways

Why Cloudways for new & Experienced Bloggers

    Ability to create new websites without a domain

One of the more fun things about this service is that you can quickly create a new wordpress website (application) in just a few clicks and use the server IP as a custom URL.

The staging feature allows you to make changes to your website and test them before pushing to your live install.

This comes in really handy if you want to test a new plugin or update your high traffic site and would lose money if it went down for even a few minutes

    Cloudways CDN

They also have their CDN for $1 per month which is quite affordable if you're looking for that extra umph in performance

    Budget friendly

Their minimum package as of writing this is $10 per month. For all the perks that you get it is well worth it.

And if you're starting out or just think that this is too expensive, think of how much money you're losing when even one potential buyers gets impatient and runs into the arms of your competition.

Plus shared hosting rates are disguised cheaply to reel you in. These are around the normal renewal rate anyway. For example Siteground's Growbig and Gogeek package renews at 19.95 and 34.95 respectively.

And the performance and overall comparison between the two services isn't even close!

siteground renewal packages

With that said, here's how you get started on Cloudways

How to Get Started with Cloudways

Visit the following link:

(Disclosure: this is an affiliate link. If you choose to buy through my link,  I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much for the support if you choose to).


To get you to take action and actually start your website, when you use my referral link above to get your new hosting account and email your receipt to ( I will send you a free 52-page training tutorial to help you get more done and be happier. After you sign up, it’s pretty simple to get your website up and running, and you can do it in under 5 minutes. Here’s how with below.

web hosting services

Step #1: Create account and enter coupon upon signup

Get started2

Step #2: Activate your Cloudways account via email


Step #3: Verify your account via SMS or Call

web hosting providers

Step #4: Choose your WordPress application and server


Step #5: Select Launch now at the bottom of the page (process takes around 5-7 minutes)

Your first migration is free so reach out to support for it

If you prefer to do things on your own they have a Cloudways Migrator plugin  you can install on your website and migrate it yourself

migrator plugin

Enter your Cloudways app details in here into the plugin settings for the transfer

Access Details

When you’ve confirmed your new migration works well go ahead and point your DNS over to Cloudways

Step #6: Add your SSL certificate


If you’re having any problems along the way, just reach out to `support. They’re extremely helpful


Whether you blog professionally or simply use your website to attract business, speed and performance is ever so important.

The biggest mistake I see new bloggers and website owners make is being cheap on hosting and skimping on quality. The money is nothing compared to the time savings and less stress you'll gain and put into your business

For 5 years I was one of them and don't want you to be. Especially when your livelihood depends on it

Ready to Upgrade and change your life?

I’ve created a cheatsheet for you to get more done, achieve more and finally be happy, immediately.

If you follow this cheatsheet, will have the tools to get what you want and have the life of your dreams here.

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Craige Hardel is a Success Coach , copyrighting specialist, community advocate & technology enthusiast who is passionate about helping people become their best selves and live lives to their full potential

  • I am a new blogger myself, and this was so helpful! In the world of instant gratification, nobody wants to wait around for a slow website to load and will most likely go find a quicker link. I plan on checking out Cloudways for my site. Thank you for the insight!

  • When I was just starting I wasn’t really aware of SEO or site speed. I tend to upload/post heavy pictures and no optimize it. I’ll review this post and apply this to my current blog. Thanks for the detailed info!

  • I am about to change my hosting and go on a private server with dedicated support because I am not happy at all with my current provider. Since my traffic started to grow and grow, my website started to crash more often. And my hosting is so unhelpful.

    • That was a big personal upgrading factor when I went with Cloudways. Their customer support is fantastic and trust me i’ve tried most of them out there. Give them a try Joanna

  • Great points and tips. I truly think it depends on what your purpose is for blogging. Is it for writing purposes or is it to build a business? I think everyone should be at liberty to write their thoughts as an outlet to release. For many it can be therapuetic.

    • You’re right they should. That’s the beauty of your own blog. On the other hand it’s important to ensure it’s set up to do well so you’re now having experiences like Joanna.

  • Hi Craige, You are so right about speed of websites today. No one wants to wait more than 3 seconds or less! Having a fast site on mobile and desktop are key. I try to check mine monthly and pay for a cdn. It’s important! Some things we must invest in if we want to grow the business 🙂 Thanks for the tips on Cloudways. Have a great day.

    • Ohh yes. People won’t actually fully believe it unless they see it in visitor recording and analytics. These small investments make a huge impact especially when fist getting fame and momentum. Thanks as always.

  • Hey Craige,

    Although the internet connection became super faster in the last two-three years. Yet we should increase the page loading speed.
    As Lisa said in the comment below, no one waits more than 3 seconds to read a blog post.
    All the things you suggested in this post are very effective to increase page loading speed.
    I also try to reduce the file size of post images as far as possible.
    Thanks for sharing this nice post.

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