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The World Class BS List of Excuses you make and what to do about it

I have a dirty little secret for you.One that you know about but sit on and hide at all costsAnd it is this: We all love excuses. Like we love our phones and smashing that like button on something

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How Fear is Sucking your Life Dry and Robbing you From Your Potential

Fear can be so bitter. It feels like a giant noose tightly wrapped around your neck that is choking you. It keeps blinding you not letting any bubbles out.However, the interesting thing is that no one

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13 Shocking Small Life Lessons Learned to Achieve Really Big Things

As another year closes and another one in my precious life, the mind draws naturally to lessons picked up and new life-changing knowledge and insights gained throughout this year. Personally this year

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Are The Top Tech Companies Raping you Everyday (and You Don’t Even Know It)?

Algorithms are crawling everywhere.When walking in the streets, wake up daily or even browse the internet, we just can’t get away from this phenomenon.Even if we don’t own any electronic gadgets (cell

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