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Would you like my help to create a Crystal Clear Picture of where you’re at,
what’s keeping you stuck right now, your next best steps to achieving your
most Ambitious goals and reaching your Full Potential for free?

If you’re like me, some or at least one of the following describes you

Do you feel frustrated that despite your best efforts and plans, you never seem to quite get things done or accomplish what you really set out to do?

Are you afraid of not having the impact that you really want to have on this planet and moving on with your best gifts left still inside you?

Do you feel small or limited by your current environment …. like you don't have a fair shot at achieving those things that are really meaningful to you…. Yet you still want it so damn much?

Do you have dreams and goals that others doubt is even possible, yet feel like you’re ready but secretly still don’t quite know where or how to start?

Are you just tired of seeming like others are getting what felt destined to be yours, still struggle to get yourself to take the necessary action despite “knowing so much”….. and now ready to put an end to this once and for all?

Do you believe in yourself, consume lots of motivational content, yet never actually see any lasting change? Maybe you felt initially excited going through the loop of new and seemingly “good” information that promises so much but you’re stuck once more at square 1?


Have you had quite a bit of success in the past, know what else is possible but don't feel challenged enough and push yourself to get to the next level? You may be doing well for yourself right now but despite accomplishing so much by overcoming lots of hardship and struggle, still feel massive imposter syndrome and undeserving of achieving even more?

Also do you feel unfulfilled / empty and other aspects of your life such as family and relationships suffer as a result?

You feel comfortable, maybe a touch privileged yet a bit lazy, headed down a path that you know won't end well …and need to do something about it immediately or forever live with the regret of not giving it your all.

Despite accomplishing so much, you feel lonely. Very few people can now relate to you and understand why it's like to carry the burden. Now is your time to live powerfully and break from this mental prison!

It’s not your fault, there is so much conflicting advice out there.

Most of it feels slimy though and the majority really are just trying to sell you something. They see you as another bill and no one wants that. You should be heard and seen as the unique and purposeful individual that you are.

There is no one-size fits all solution, if there was you’d have found it already - that’s why our Breakthrough Call is for you.

On this call,

you will walk away with a vivid picture of where you really are and what the future potential looks like for you (that you may not have considered as yet).

you will do and get a really good idea of what is that all those few critical steps so begin moving towards your goals that you desire.

You will walk away with an action plan and clarity over where you should be focusing and what we need to change or improve in your life to get the results that you want

You will walk away feeling seen and actually listen to

You may be wondering why offer this for free? Good question.

Many people have been presented with offers and help but typically don't get the transformation they’re looking for.

First our call is not just a mini transformation session but a chance to experience what coaching with me is like and to give you an initial taste of it's possible for you.

It's important to get that initial spark going and help people where they're at so this is my way of serving you and also if it's a fit if everything aligns probably enrolled you as a client as well.

You will get value from this call whether you enroll in our programs or not. I’m here to
give value, learn about you and if it makes sense, yes we can explore solutions together.

This Call is NOT for you if

You are not serious about high-achievement, lazy don't want to be uncomfortable in order to grow

You are willing to bet on yourself and make the commitment to go all out on a Proven Solution

You believe they already know it all - and not willing to have their perspectives challenged so they can grow

Having watched the video or read above, you can click the link to book/request an Breakthrough Call

Here’s to your Success

Craige Hardel
Mindset & Success Coach

Craige is a really awesome coach and I recommend him 100%

Annata Valcin

Customer Service Supervisor, Massy Stores

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