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Are you Overworked, Stressed out & wish you were getting way more out of life than you are right now but don't know how?

Callum Davies

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Craige's methods are very unusual but the results are mind-blowing. If you want insane results then work with Craige..


Success & Mindset Coach

It's true! You were meant to do & become more than you're being Sold

  • You've probably tried everything but nothing seems to really stick
  • You dream constantly of a better future but feel stuck on how to even get started
  • You're scared of not being your best, making that transition,  hitting your big goals, and reaching your full potential...

...Congratulations, search no more because your long-waited solution is here

You deserve better and it is my life mission to help you get just that.

To help those who are willing, tired of staying small and to be the best!

What You’ll Get During Your

Clarity Session

A session with me has been dubbed by many as "a truly transformational experience". 

If you've had terrible setbacks you need to bounce back from, want way more out of yourself & life, willing to do the work and invest in YOU, I'd love to gift you my $100 session and help.  

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You can also email me at coaching@craigehardel.com

Here's what you can expect

  • Clarity on your most pressing problems, frustrations, confusions and your best next steps.
  • To be heard, to feel understood, and like you truly matter.
  • Your own thoughts and beliefs reflected back to you
  • To discover what you really think and what you actually want to do.

Here's what you'll walk away with

  • To walk away with a new and refreshed perspective on your life challenges and clear steps to move forward.
  • A clear action plan on how to tackle your biggest obstacles and move toward your full potential.
  • A refined view of what your inner genius looks like and what it would take to step right into it.

About Craige

Entrepreneur & High Achiever Success Coach. Craige is also a former Talk show host & Television Personality.

whose passion and life mission is to help ambitious individuals who want more out of life live up to their fullest potential and break the chains of the mediocrity that's stopping them from doing so.

Why They Recommend Having a Breakthrough Call

Craige's passion and unique approach at delving into the problems of people around the world has led to many successful transformations and clients who sing praises of his work. Below are a few of them

Judith Verity
judith verity

Restaurant Owner

He was very knowledgeable and well organised.

He was also very good at communicating concepts which I found challenging which brought me so much results . 

It was a delight to work with him

Haider Imtiaz

Shopify Store owner

I have tried many experts but there is none like Craige.

You're missing out if you do not get his services, trust me. Thanks man, i'm honored.


Sushi Train Driver

Craige has a calm manner. He helped me clarify my goals and reflected them back to me during our session.

I would recommend him to anyone who wants to set or achieve their goals while having the correct mindset

What Are You Waiting For?  Let's get your life back on track & put on the path to reach your dreams today.