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Developing a community and adding value to your audience has always been crucial to marketing.

With organic social media reach sharply plummeting across all platforms, companies and brands are now forced to spend more just to maintain their reach and attention.

That must not be yours. Paid advertising can get decent results, but it shouldn't be your only option. You need to have your own asset you can depend on and own fully.

That is your email list.

And using the correct email marketing tools for your business helps you achieve just that.

Why is email marketing so important?

Best traffic source

Your subscribers are much more familiar with your brand since they opted in. They’re not strangers and that massively increases their receptiveness to your new content or any new offers.

Traffic from your subscribers to your new content or products is the best quality of traffic you will get.

Cheapest method of reaching your customers

Advertising is getting more expensive by the month! As social media platforms tighten their belt on organic reach and competition for ad and story placements increase, so does the cost.

Also, it is being speculated that the Facebook newsfeed may be going away soon. That means marketers and brand may have to find a unique to or reach and get customers.

For many businesses this is simply not sustainable. Email marketing allows you reach your subscribers and customers for free!

Method you control - no algorithms subjectively determining your reach

As previously stated organic reach has been slowly declining on most major platforms for years.

In order words despite having fans or followers you’re barely be able reach a fraction of them. Well why would they do that, you may ask. It's easy to get you to pay for advertising.

Your list gives you an opportunity to reach most of them (if you treat them well).

Now you're more familiar with why email marketing is huge and may be your lifeline in the future, your next question may be how do I get started? What factors must I decide on when choosing a solution. Here you go.

Factors to consider when choosing an email Marketing solution


Whether you're new to building an email list or you have some skin in the game, email deliverability (how many of your emails consistently hit the inbox) is a huge deal.

Marketers, brands and business owners work hard to get someone to subscribe (and may even spend money with paid advertising as well).

Not being able to reach inbox because of service providers’ bad IP reputation or any miscellaneous reason is financial suicide. It takes multiple touches to nurture a relationship and build trust with a subscriber and get them to do business with you or buy your products.

To be clear, there are other factors affecting email deliverability, many not caused by your provider.

Ease of use

Learning and keeping up with software changes can be a pain. Yes, new features can sometimes help but constant user interface changes along with a navigation that's already cumbersome to use, can be sometimes annoying.

Leave a comment at the bottom of this post if you agree.

Whatever email marketing software that you use must not only have good delivery, but also be easy to use. ConvertKit and Aweber both have decent interfaces and make it easy for beginners grasp quickly.


Especially when you’re brand new and starting out, price matters.

Some companies like Aweber, Drip and ConvertKit provide complete access to their functionality at all their plans, most others simply restrict the features, and give them based on list size or the package you opt for.

For someone who's bootstrapping, they should consider a cheaper option like GetResponse.

getresponse pricing

Price doesn't always provide the full picture though. Your email marketing strategy could determine the features, and hence the product that is most relevant to your needs.

Depending on how you really want to use it, especially if you experienced and have tried several solutions in the past.

For example some marketers prefer Drip since it allows them to tag subscribers based on website page visits and others may choose ConvertKit or Active Campaign

That's because of its tag segmentation based on clicks and ease of setting up complex automations based on subscriber engagement.


This deserves a little more attention although I briefly touched on it. Beginners fall into the trap and hype of purchasing software because of fancy shiny tools and automations.

My personal advice to you is if it's your first time, simpler is better. So a lot of these features may not be applicable to your use case, especially if you have less than 1000 subscribers you won't be able to make the maximum use of them.

Focus on getting more subscribers on your list baby!

For example, some people may only send bi-weekly broadcast emails to subscribers and would not require a solution with fancy automated multi-campaign drip sequences.

Others may need to segment the users and use a tag-based approach rather than the traditional broadcast list to send relevant offers to various subscribers.

Customer Support

Last but certainly not least, is customer support. Across the board, support standards of providers have improved drastically and so has customer expectations. The speed, convenience and quality of responses you get when you have an issue is important.

We all love to feel like whomever we partner with and depend on to run our businesses care and has our best interests at heart.

It's really nice to have a good knowledge base to reference, but nothing beats a one-to-one communication. And one thing I'm really insistent on is that companies go the extra mile and offer quality personalised customer support.

With that said,

Here are the Pros and Cons of my Top 5 recommended email marketing tools


getresponse logo


  • Full suite of tools at your disposal (autoresponder, CRM, webinars)  some of which are only available in the pro, Max and Enterprise plans.
  • Pricing is relatively lower than their competitors starting at $10. they also have very generous discount if you pay 1 to 2 years upfront.
  • Really strong reporting and Split testing in features


  • Support: still decent but they've remove the phone option and only offer email support.
  • The User interface: their UX can be better and falls behind competitors
  • Their form design options are limited

Who is GetResponse best for: professionals who want a stable and all-in-one solution




  • Pricing:  a bit more expensive than Getresponse but still reasonable pricing starting at $19 per month with a 500 subscriber limit
  • Templates: has a wide variety of email templates to choose from
  • Support: offers great phone, live chat and email support
  • easy and seamless list importing in multiple file formats
  • Integrations: Aweber integrates with a wide variety of third-party tools and services


  • Doesn't allow the use of web fonts
  • Automations: they recently introduced a feature called it will “Aweber campaigns”, but still behind that of competitors.
  • Segmentation: Aweber has decent segmentation capabilities but does not allow you to send broadcast emails to multiple segments at once

Who is Aweber best for: new and seasoned marketers who want a reliable solution


convertkit long


  • Visual automation builder: convertKit makes it easy to create drag and drop campaigns. You can create and have emails sent out based on specific actions which adds more depth to your marketing

  • Really good email delivery rates. They are truly among the best at getting your emails delivered.
  • Tagging of subscribers: convertkit makes subscriber tagging easy and allows you to segment subscribers by what they click
  • Really easy to use and customize opt-in forms: their landing page forms are easy to use and customize


  • Limited A\B Testing functionality: it's decent for most marketers but only limited to email subject lines
  • Compared to more advanced options such as Activecampaign, Drip and Markethero, ConvertKit's automation options are limited, still an excellent choice for beginners
  • No lead scoring: determining the quality of your leads is something many value because it helps you better tailor your emails to various segments. ConvertKit currently doesn't have that option

Who is ConvertKit best for: new and professional bloggers




  • Pricing: for the feature set you get the price is really competitive
  • Has extensive email and campaigns reporting statistics
  • Really good support: they offer email and live chat support and are pretty responsive to tickets


  • Tedious and strict approval process: there is an application period where a staff member manually checks your site and accepts / rejects your account. If you don't get accepted they don't say why.
  • Automation features lacking: still good for beginners but not as flexible as other applications
  • Very few landing page template options to choose from

Who is Mailerlite best for: Bloggers and professionals new to email marketing

Constant Contact

constant contact logo


  • Vast list of integration: Constant Contact integrates with several third party platform and websites
  • A large number of email templates and designs to choose from
  • Several channels of customer support. They offer phone, email and live chat support on weekdays


  • Automations are inflexible and limited: they recently introduced an automations feature but it's limited and doesn't have many options
  • Basic form builder: you don't have as much design flexibility in building out your optin forms as with other providers
  • Constant Contact may have many email templates but a lot of them are a bit dated

Who is Constant Contact best for: Beginner and experienced bloggers and marketers


These are a breakdown of the main options from my top 5 recommended solutions.

Relationship marketing is the future. Those who can forge and nurture relationships by adding value to subscribers and customers will survive and thrive long-term. It is crucial that you take some control of your future and don't ignore the advice from this post.

We don't know what new platform change is coming or how we may affected. However, our loyal fans who know and trust us is a certainty if you do it properly.

Messenger marketing may seem hopeful but it's still someone else's platform and can be throttled or shut down at anytime. Let's go build your own.

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