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getgist review

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Ever wished you can have just one software that handles all of your major needs.?

Tired of hunting for lifetime deals (LTDs) like a crazy chicken, and just to opt out of all this random and overpriced Saas madness?

Here’s the end of it!

I know that may sound hard to be true with this ocean of emerging software options on the market.

I’ve got your answer right here.

Buckle up my friend and enjoy our getgist review.

That solution is Gist. An all in one Marketing Automation platform. 

Fancy jargon aside, this simply means no more separate email marketing, live chat, customer helpdesk, knowledge base platform, chatbot, scheduling and tracking tools.

Sounds like a mouthful. But honestly that’s just how much bloat we feel forced to justify shelling our hard earned money on every month.

Also I’ve been there and trust me it’s upsetting. 

And once you’ve made your choice,  having to switch softwares for just one extra feature can be a pain.


It is important you’re focused on execution as much as possible and use stuff that works.

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And look. Some people love playing with new saas tools, but typically these are not the people who are uber successful at their businesses.

And you don’t want to be a lifetime deal junkie either. Chasing after the next shiny discount will keep you distracted and impulsively emptying out your pockets.

If you don’t use it or it doesn’t make you money. It’s useless and the deal was played on you.
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Gist formerly known as Convertfox packs a bold promise. But what truly matters is whether Gist is for you and how it will help your business

So let's dive right in.

Who is Gist for?

Business owners

business owner

Whether you’re running solo or operating on a team, Gist will definitely make your life easier.

Internal communication among agents, automatic routing or assigning of support tickets, auto populated knowledge base and snippets makes running a help desk a breeze.

They also have mobile apps across platforms to do it on the go.

If you’re doing email marketing and sales outreach, you have the ability to add multiple users and assign restricted account access while protecting your data.

If you’re tired of scrapping by  platforms like Mailchimp or Mailerlite and just want a good and uncomplicated interface to hop in and use,  then Gist is your best bet. 

Whether your business is online or offline, it provides a decent area to nurture prospective and current customer relationships.


saas company

Running an online education business and a blog takes time and effort.

Being able to automate particular prospect communication touchpoints and keep accurate records of subscriber and visitor activity, provides a 360 degree view of the customer and puts you in control of all things.

If you sell online courses, it is easier to track and monitor your students progress and directly observe their level of engagement.

You will also be able to automate the entire student transaction and interaction is one place.

Saas Companies


If you sell software the prospective customer lifecycle can be really short and elusive (high churn or trial to paid plan conversions) if not managed well.

Using Gist allows you to create custom sequences and triggers from various pages on your website. This increase time on site and overall engagement with your prospect and dramatically raises the the likelihood of them converting into paid customers. 

The workflows,  tagging and segmentation features allows you to manage and communicate both visitors and subscribers in a timely and professional manner that is fitting of your business.



Sales if the lifeblood of business.

Nowhere is that more crucial than e-commerce. 

Whether you use Shopify, Etsy, Woocommerce or any platform you make that money quick!

With Gist you can easily create custom sales promotion and abandonment cart sequences to maximize your chances of them purchasing.

In addition, you’re able to cut out all the extra store apps / website plugins and finally have one tool that does it all to generate more sales and keep a healthy relationship with those customers.


What do you get? (Gist Features)

Customer support

customer support

With the emergence of a plethora of online platforms for just about our every need, it is crucial to meet customers where they are at.

The reality is that there are simply too many options for them to care. With the ability to engage, prompt and manage the intake of customer inquiries, gist does this really well. 

The chat prompt allows your to initiate conversation based on actions they take. Chatbots helps reduce ticket workload by populating their concerns with your knowledge-base and guided responses to get help faster. 

These two features are like automated assistants when you need it the most.

Tools It replaces: Freshdesk, Intercom, Helpscout, Zendesk

Email Marketing

getgist broadcast

With Gist you're able to send broadcast email campaigns to your list. You can set up custom emails to go when certain conditions are met. 

Say a prospect's birthday or a re-engagement email so see if their email needs to be cleaned out.

I've used several email marketing software and their delivery is very decent.


Skills pay the bills. 

Nowhere does this apply more than in sales. With attention being harder to get and keep, it’s important to maximize the value of interaction at all points in the funnel.

With their chat prompts, automated sequences and and custom properties, your ability to tailor your prospecting to your targets is limitless.

Tools It replaces: Lemlist, Mailshake, Saleshandy

Meeting Scheduler

Ever wonder why those meeting tools charged so much just to use your calendar. Gist meetings feature allows your to set your services and time slots and be able to offer unique links to your prospect.

Tools It replaces: Calendly, Book like a Boss, Doodle


getgist forms

No funnel would be complete without the ability to capture leads and nurture a relationship with them.

Gist forms replaces several alternative and allows you to capture emails across your website.

Tools It replaces: OptinMonster, Thrive leads, Elementor popups

Event tracking

gist event tracking

Actions always reveal true intentions, not words.

People are always shopping around and comparing their options. It’s vital to meet that at crucial decision points to guide them toward choosing your service. With the Event tracking feature you can track what specific actions a user takes and set up triggers based on them

For example if someone visits your pricing page twice. That may indicate interest in your product / service. You may want to trigger a custom email offering a discount or a live chat prompt with a coupon the opportunity to have questions answered. 

Real customers really appreciate the personal touch and this really helps get them over the line

Tools It replaces: Mixpanel, Kissmetrics

Knowledge base

gist knowledgebase

Customers often have questions.

Frustratingly, a lot of these questions they could have answered themselves or simply organized into a  packaged resource.

That is where a well laid out knowledge base comes in. With their knowledge base you’re able to easily categorize your largest issues and add articles so they're easily to find. 

Being able to automate some repeated answers to similar problems will save you money and allow your support staff to take the Thanksgiving and holiday breaks they deserve.

Tools It replaces: Freshdesk, Liveagent, most other support tools

Marketing Automation

get gist marketing automation

If you think all the above is good, the marketing automation feature will blow you away.

Gist marketing automation will allow you to customize all of the above into a dynamic workflow.

You can determine how a prospect is treated within your interactions and automate the entire process. Workflows remove the problem of repetitive follow up, annoying list cleaning, emails sequences depends on what or whether you lead has purchased and more.

And you you can prompt them to book a meeting with you too if they meet your conditions

Tools It replaces: Drip, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft

If you still need more convincing and not blown away yet, here are some of the pros and cons of using Gist.


What are the pros of the using Gist

Complete view of the customer (live chat, email marketing)

There are very few tools that do most things well. Especially at a decent pricepoint.

Gist gives you total control of your marketing by managing your customer interactions at all stages of the sale.

Advanced sales prospecting tool

The sales game is changing and evolving constantly.

No longer do cold calls to a list and randomly emailing strangers cut it. The increase in the popularity of major platforms also leads to an increase in the number of potential touch-points you can have with a prospective customer. 

With increased expectations customers expect good and quick service and you must deliver to be even considered. That’s where chat prompts, chatbots and live chat come in.

With Gist’s live chat widget you can initiate conversations with prospective customers based on actions you determine as sales-worthy.

People may bounce off a salespage for a variety of reasons and trust is often a big one. Offering help if they have questions really helps clear last minute objections and makes the probability of closing the sale a lot higher.

For example if you’re an affiliate and visitors are on your resources page and contemplating making a purchase. It will help nudge them over if you’re on hard (via chat widget) to answer their queries and make the best decision.

Business in a box

Sure there are other decent solutions on the market.

But here’s the problem they don’t talk to each other. Ever wished your autoresponder to talk to your customer support tool, Paypal and Stripe to talk to your autoresponder to see who specifically is paying. 

Ever wish you can see the exact pages you subscribers browse on your website, when they visit those and how often? Sounds freaky but with Gist you already have those superpowers!

Do you have a prospect who keep reading your email and visiting your website but just not responding despite your best follow ups? Before disqualifying them you’ll be able to see whether to send them a custom email or pick up the phone and straight up call them!

Easy to use Workflow templates

gist workflow templates

When I began doing email marketing, I used to be quite scared of automations.

Yes it sounds fancy. But when you actually come around to use it, it is so easy to screw up. And just like putting your heads in hot water, it often hurts your brand and you feel bad.

Thanks with Gist’s Workflow templates, be scared no more. Whatever your business type, there are templates setup just for you and the interface makes it simple to get started. 

Their workflows are on par if not ahead of all the major game-players out there, the active campaigns, Drip, and even Infusionsoft.

Social media chat Integrations

gist integrations

The problem more popular platforms emerging is that is becomes tougher to manage all communication.

Short of staff and just wished it was easier to navigate the social media hot mess and still get real work done? Now you can connect your Facebook page and twitter to have all income messages in one dashboard.


What are the cons of using Gist

Sometimes slow support response time

They’re a really good platform and are quickly growing.

 Sometimes I feel their support agent can respond just a bit quicker. Their knowledge base makes up for it though but for unique requests you might a response in under 30 minutes

Integrations with major providers

Though their product is all encompassing, they still don’t have some key integrations you’d expect a platform of their magnitude to have.

Currently Woo-commerce is in beta and about to be released and Shopify is coming soon as well.

Final Opinion

First of all the effort and ambition of the team at Gist is fantastic.

Initially I thought the bit off more than they could chew and deliver. But they’re proving me wrong daily. They’re doing a great job at delivering the features that users want quickly and reliable.

I absolutely recommend them and their service. Your current company and ventures is in good hands.


About the author


Craige Hardel is a Success Coach , copyrighting specialist, community advocate & technology enthusiast who is passionate about helping people become their best selves and live lives to their full potential

    • You’re most welcome. It replaces several products in my stack. They’re just about to release a forms feature which will replace Optinmonster and thrive leads.

  • This is very interesting. I didn’t think a software that handled this many different aspects of business was out there. Thanks for the overview, well done.

  • Gist sounds very intriguing. I’m not very tech-savvy and really don’t like dealing with the technical stuff, so most of the things you mentioned went over my head. But, I’ll keep an eye out for more chatter about it and may grow to understand it more as I do more things with my business.

  • Hey Craige Hardel,

    Great post with superb software. I really like an idea of using Gist, whereas this amazing software will be great not only for bloggers but also for business owners, Saas companies and E-commerce. This software also offers great features including customer support, email marketing, sales and good for event tracking. The pros of using gist are also amazing as
    it also offers easy to use workflow templates and social media chat integrations. Hence using this great software will absolutely provide good benefits.

    Really helpful post and thanks for sharing.

  • This looks like a really interesting program. I don’t personally have any experience with Gist, but I am going to dig into it and get to know it a little. After all, what’s the worst that can happen when we explore another tool like this? We spend a little time and find something great, or determine that it isn’t right for us, but at least we know!

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