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Working hard, but still struggling to get anything accomplished?
Then you need to read every word on this page.

 Discover the Unconventional Secrets of Effective Execution 

and meaningful success without burnout

Do you remember the last time you really had a huge goal but actually struggled to even get started?
You just wanted to run away and hide under a rock because it was embarrassing.

And do you recall how it felt when other people seemingly smirked and laughed at you for even wanting to dare to try something out of the ordinary?

Think of the last time you were forced to hit a looming deadline. Your palms are wet. Your mouth dry.

Your knees shaking so bad you thought you'd fall down. And your heart was pounding so loud you swear you could hear it at the back of the room.

Do you remember the last time that you really thought something would work out and seemed to try so hard, yet it still flopped? Maybe you rushed, made silly last minute mistakes, and for some reason messed up what seemed like certain success.

Those around you were too polite to mention it but you could tell they knew and you were so ashamed.

The million dollar question is why on earth does this keep happening to me?

Time and time again another thing in another way. You’ve worked so hard and endured so much, you’re tired of even doing that too - so surely that’s not the solution.

My friend what preachy internet gurus and proclaimed self help experts aren’t telling you is that the reason you’re constantly falling short is because of something called Self Sabotage.

Believe it or not your body and mind doesn’t want you to be successful. It prefers comfort (homeostasis) and anything that threatens such will get rejected.

Over the years many life events and experiences cause us to develop such defeating behaviours and patterns and the truth is unless you remove them, your life won’t really change despite how much you spend and how hard you try.

I know what it feels like to feel like to have everything that you've worked for put on the line.

The seconds feel like years and you just can't stand the thought of anything else but what's in front of you at that moment turning out well.

You see, I also know what it's like to have a deadline coming up and not have the time to even think of sleeping. You just want to disconnect all social media.

Delete your instant messaging apps so no one can reach you and just lock yourself in the room so you can focus.

That emptiness and beating in your stomach just won't go away until this is accomplished…or else

I spent over 5 years banging my head against the wall trying to breakthrough with my online design and life coaching business and wanting to serve the world.

After failing several times, I made it my mission to find a way to make success easier for others and would die trying if that’s what it took.

I spent thousands on courses, workshops and exclusive communities only to learn what I was actually fundamentally missing wasn’t what I thought it was.


Despite me almost losing it all, stuggling with entrepreneurship, losing a child and having a miserable relationship….I played a huge part in all those things too.

And now i’m turning back and solving this for you….so you can achieve the things you want without unnecessary suffering, feeling marginalized or that you don’t belong. You absolutely do!

Here’s what you will learn when you purchase your copy of the Self Confidence Starter Kit

Module 1: Identifying &
Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

  • See Lesson 4 to discover the startling truth about why people fail in life and how to turn that around before it's too late

  • At last! Find out what thousands of other successful entrepreneurs and professionals know about attracting the lives that they want that you don’t!

  • Revealed: Why binge watching motivational videos will NEVER get you focused without giving into distraction – and what you need to do instead!

  • You’ll find out 7 surprisingly easy ways to identify what’s secretly holding you back so you can break free

  • Discover my 5-step secret process – this is the truly lazy way to clarify your priorities so you don’t become overwhelmed!

Module 2: Banishing
Negative Thoughts

  • Learn the easiest way to get rid of negative thinking and destroy self doubt for good.

  • Preachy and shouting at the rooftop GURUS HAVE LIED to you about how to get your thoughts under control! Here’s the one thing they hoped you’d NEVER find out about eliminating negative thoughts keeping you stuck!

  • Find seven surprisingly easy way to crush your negative thoughts so they don't stop you when it matters the most. Get clearer thinking and a more balanced perspective with this simple exercise.

  • Discover how to almost instantly find the root cause of looping negative thoughts – even if you have struggled with this for a while!

Module 3: Visualization

  • The real secret to manifesting your desires - almost everyone gets this wrong! This often overlooked idea will certainly get you the results you’re after.

  • You’ll find out an easy way to take advantage of vision boards to get clear on your future self, fast!

  • Why it's not your fault if you struggle to clearly visualize your ideal future and goals and what you can start doing today to get clarity on what you are really working towards and SHOULD be sacrificing for

Module 4: Goal achievement

  • 4-Day workweeks are possible but only when you know these 7 goal setting secrets and prioritization framework Revealed in lesson six.

  • Here's the lightning fast, simple way to get your priorities lined up. it's as easy as painting by the numbers

  • No more guesswork you'll get instant access to my top secret prioritization formula that will help you in an instant determine what's important rather than what just feels urgent

  • Find out how to master the art of strategic patience. In order to get clarity over your priorities in as little as a couple HOURS.

  • Here’s the quick and easy way to get your goals mapped out (even if you’ve struggled with this before) – it works so well you’ll swear it must be magic!

Module 5: Daily Rituals

  • You'll discover how to get laser focus by this doing this ten minute activity. Anyone can do this

  • Tired of being frustrated at your inability to stick to a consistent daily routine? We fix this once and for all.

  • How to discover your ideal daily routine and how you could use it to get things that once took hours

  • WARNING: These 3 common daily routine mistakes will absolutely ruin your day! See lesson 5 to find out what you should do instead to get your essential tasks completed!

  • Here’s a dead-simple way to plan and keep track of your daily habits – it’s so easy a child could do it!

  • You’ll find out how to quickly spot and avoid copying a habit from “experts” that won’t work for you

Module 6: Emotional Intelligence, Resilience & Clear boundaries

  • See lesson 13 to discover the startling truth about setting clear personal boundaries

  • You’ll discover a proven way to bolster your self confidence starting in as little at 1 day!

  • why it's not your fault if you're lacking in self confidence and what you can do starting today to get your self esteem back and begin winning at life again.

  • Beware of this common soft life or quiet quitting comfort mistake. You'll discover how to avoid it so you could start making more money without feeling bad about it.

  • Discover a little known trick to develop David Goggins like emotional resilience. Even if you've never felt quite confident and always doubted that you can see things through.

  • You’ll discover how to use the closely guarded secrets of the military to quickly and easily develop mental toughness and emotional resilience!

  • After falling several times, a professional basketball player finally stumbles upon a fundamental truth about what it takes to consistently win. Learn how you could use his startling discovery to get over any drought so you can keep getting consistent results in life.

  • WARNING: these five common mistakes will absolutely cause you to doubt yourself. See lesson 20 to find out what you should do instead and develop supremely high confidence without faking it.

When you purchase your copy of the Self-Discovery Starter Kit, you will also receive the following bonuses

Bonus #1 - Productivity Secrets 101 Masterclass

You Get This Bonus For Free

Total Value: $49.00

Here's the easiest way to Turn your anxiety and Fears into Effortless Productivity and so much extra time that you could spend however you want. Procrastination and constantly putting important things off is killing your dreams. Here's how to put an end to it.

Bonus #2 - Mastering the Art of Living: Achieving
awesomeness in every area of your life

You Get This Bonus For Free

Total Value: $29.00

Learn How to Get More Done, Have More Fun & be Fulfilled Without Grinding like a Slave without sleezy webinars, optin in for garbage pitch filled PDFs or rented Lamborghinis and mansions flashed in your face.

Actionable step by step rapid transformation templates to build the new you (and remove what's holding you back from success).

About Craige Hardel

Hi I'm Craige Hardel, a Mindset & Accountability Coach from the lovely island of Saint Lucia, the Beverly Hills of the Caribbean.

I help ambitious Entrepreneurs & Individuals become their best selves, go from Struggling to Fulfilled and Grow & Scale without Burnout so they can reach their full Potential.

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the Bonuses Now

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  • Productivity Secrets 101 Masterclass

  • ($49.99 Value)

  • Mastering the Art of Living: Achieving Awesomeness in every area of your Life Ebook

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    If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll get the same result.

    That’s why each moment you hesitate is another moment you’ll struggle with consistently taking the steps to be your best self and take your rightful place on this earth.

    Each day that you’re not using this is a missed opportunity.

    Take out your credit card and click here to get started. Because you deserve to have the success and fulfillment that your heart desires.…