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My Story

Buoyed by the trials of not much being expected, Craige set out to do the impossible: to break free and build the career of his dreams.

After leaving the comfort of his secure government teaching job, he faced the challenge of withstanding the pressures of disapproval from those who believed pursuing his dreams was "stupid".

At the age of 20, he had his own radio show which taught him a lot about fear and the importance of stepping out of his comfort zone to be his authentic self.

Despite his enthusiasm, the trials of entrepreneurship proved difficult and he sought coaching to help him adapt. He experienced setbacks, including the loss of his son at just 3 days old and the end of a relationship, which left him feeling like he had hit rock bottom.

However, he found another gear within himself and developed the boldness to pursue his dreams without fear of failure. He wants to help others do the same.

He understands what it's like to feel like the world is on your shoulders, with no one believing in your potential or ability to achieve success. But he knows that with courage, determination, the right strategies coupled with accountability, anyone can push through the pressures of life and achieve their dreams.

As someone who now runs two successful online businesses, Craige believes there is a way forward for everyone, no matter their circumstances. He wants to empower professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable growth and work-life balance, so they can be fulfilled in business and in life and reach their full potential.

Regret is the ultimate price we pay for settling for mediocrity and giving up on our dreams. Craige wants to help you break through and push to your greatness, without suffering or burning out in the process.

You can achieve your dream income and still have time for your family and see your children grow up. You can have healthy relationships and live a fulfilling life. Let him help you unleash your full potential and achieve success.

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