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My Story

Buoyed by the trials of not much being expected Craige set out to do the impossible, break free and build the career of his dreams....

Outside the comfort of a comfortable government teacher job, it was now sink or swim and time to withstand the pressures of disapproval for doing what most thought of at the time as "stupid".

Having my own radio show at the tender age of 20 took me into the public light but also taught me a lot about fear - about stepping out of my comfort zone and being me.

I journeyed through the trials of entrepreneurship and despite my enthusiasm still had a difficult time adapting to it.

I did get coaching and that helped tremendously I started to walk after crawling in anguish for so long - and after inconsistent results, having and then losing my son at just 3 days old and then a failed relationship....felt like I was at rock bottom once more.

Alone, frazzled, uncertain of what life may bring on the cusp of giving up....it was then that I found another gear in me, it was then I finally developed the boldness to go all out at life unveiling my full truth without fear of failing.

When you're at the bottom the world feels like it on your shoulders and no one believes in you or your potential.....it feels so tempting to give up...like taking away the pain in one fell swoop.

But you shouldn't. I know because I've been there.

I know because I've been that lost cause no one thought would amount to anything or had no hope for a brighter future because of their environment and what felt like a million other excuses.

Now running 2 Online Businesses and doing quite decently, I can tell you with conviction there is a way for you no matter what the external circumstances may want you to believe.

Wherever the pressure of life is pushing you to right now, there is a way out. You deserve better because you can see it, dream it and have it. But you must take that first time. Diamonds were made out of pressure... the highest levels of success typically come bouncing from the worst adversities.

And that is what I want to help you do.

You deserve the best and the make your way even when seemingly there is none.

There is so much good waiting for you but it requires courage - and for you that is taking the first steps to talk about it.

Success can get quite lonely especially if there's no one that can relate. I can and I want to help. You've never failed until you ultimately stop trying. You may be broken but all is fixable.

Yes you can get to your dream but you don't have to suffer and burnout in the process. You can get that dream income and still have time for your family and see your kids grow up. Your relationships don't all have to be toxic.

My vision is to empower professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable growth & worklife balance so they can be fulfiled in business & life in order to reach their full potential.

The ultimate price we pay for staying small, settling for mediocrity and giving up on our dreams is regret. Let me help you breakthrough and push to your greatness.