Who is Craige Hardel?

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In the online space, I realized that many fake gurus sold over-priced courses and memberships.

Either they gave you advice that they themselves didn't use anymore or the advice plainly didn't work. 

Their use their stature influence and to sell lots of products and the person starting out suffered because of it. 

In 2013, I purchased a $2000 course and went through struggles and even threats personally from the guru, just to get a refund. 

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Have you ever been messaged personally on Facebook and  even threatened legally by a multi-million dollar guru (whose name I obviously won't mention)? Well, I have. Young and innocent at the time, I remember feeling scared and taken advantage of.

But I matured and gained a lot more perspective. I saw and learnt a lot of what not to do.

I'm sure you've felt that way purchasing some of those high ticket programs.

Also I've seen many talented individuals with lots of potential, give up. In my high school physical teacher teaching days I saw many kids and adults with so much talent and potential just get lost. Not have any proper guidance on how to nurture it.

Personally, I've been there too.

Wanting better out of life but not having enough like minded people around me. Not having genuine good people who want to improve but don't have a clear solution

Saddened and that life was unfair and I didn't have a fair shot at success because of the country I was from (Saint Lucia).

Why I wanted to be successful, have the abundance and life I want without the traditional path.

Like if I am strategic, have the right mindset and worked very diligently that I can reach my goals and exceed my potential.

I took the 67 Steps course where my which really woke me up and show me that there was more and it was totally possible to have that life that I've dreamed about.

To help individuals develop the mindset and ability to through any resistance they may encounter and  create real change in your life

Got mentored and got to see successful individuals and the journeys first hand
Learned that my situation wasn't unique and it was totally possible to become the best version of myself without excuses

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Because I saw how hard it was to get started and how much adversity I had to overcome

Struggles I went through and how to push through them

How to cut off distraction and focus deeply on the person you want to become.

As a former school teacher and radio show host providing insight and valuable information has always been a passion of mine.

While I didn't grow up in destitute poverty, I went through a lot of disappointment and challenges that led to a very strong desire for change.

I am on a mission to dispel the myths that only a select special groups of individuals can be successful or even deserve to be.

I am determined to do my part to remove the negative conditioning that prevents the most ambitious people from trying and given them the courage and entitlement to do so.

Wanting a better life for myself, not feeling fulfilled with my work or like I flexibility and control to fit in long term

To coach you on how to avoid procrastination and begin taking action towards your dreams today no matter where you're at right now, give you strategies and tips to eliminate the I don't have enough money excuse, equip you and the life lessons and mindset hacks to avoid setbacks and rebound when you have one.

Happiness to you.

Craige Hardel