The World Class BS List of Excuses you make and what to do about it

The World Class BS List of Excuses you make and what to do about it

The Ultimate of word class excuses and how to avoid making them

I have a dirty little secret for you.

One that you know about but sit on and hide at all costs

And it is this: We all love excuses.

Like we love our phones and smashing that like button on something juicy in the interwebz.

We never seem to stop making them. The list of excuses seem to have become part of our everyday living.

But why is that the case?

And is it natural and not a big deal as people would want you to believe?

There is not a perfect soul who hasn’t done it, myself included.

No one no can will keep up the perfect front even if they tried.

However, removing the obvious ones are the breath and blood to you reaching your goals and attaining your biggest dreams.

If you keep using them as a crutch, your chances are pretty much dead.

In this article, we are going to look at the most common list of excuses people make and how to overcome them

It is divided into three sections: Me excuses , Excuses for missing school, Church excuses

1. Excuses me

I’m Afraid to Fail

The fear of failure is a common as a trash can.

Every time we make a mistake it gets drilled in even deeper into your psyche .
And then another...and another

With a not so positive outlook on life, the majority of us simply default to it.

And that’s the problem!

This often separates the successful from those who dream but never quite get there.

Look at it this way.

Although the word exists, there isn’t anything such as ‘failure’.

You fall and simply need to get back and try again.

That could be learning from your mistakes or doing something different altogether.
And It’s normal to not get through with a pursuit first-time.

No one who had monumental success did it without trials and tribulations.

Walt Disney was fired and rejected over 300 times.

J.K. Rowling got her Harry Potter idea turned down more than 30 times before it got accepted and become world famous.

Thomas Edison tried over 300 times before he invented the electricity you’re using to read this post today

You really think they thought of themselves as ‘failures’?

In the long run they were not judged for the unsuccessful attempts at greatness, they were revered for it.

And so should you treat your life that way.

Ofcourse I’m not saying to keep doing things just for the sake of it, but carefully examine why it didn’t work and keep moving forward.

Failure although it exists is subjective. Only you decide to give yourself that label. It is normal to not get something the first few times. The real failure is when you stop trying.

I Don’t Know the Right People

This is a common rationalization people use to not change their environment or try something new.

Whether it’s moving to a new country or changing your profession, this seems to
be a stumbling blocking the masses are quick to justify.

Also it is comfortable doing the same thing all the time.

Same job, same neighborhood, same ol’ friends.

But life is not constant and the world certainly doesn’t revolve around you or what
you think should be when curled up in bed.

You will be forced into massive change whether it’s through your profession or otherwise.

The real question is

how can you steer your own life to be at the cause and not the effect of it?

Every major decision will cause you to miss out on plenty of other juicy opportunities.

However, you won’t get them unless you dare to step out of your comfort zone.

Ever left a bad relationship and the next one was way better?

Or switched jobs and you were so much happier, more productive and valued?

This list goes on and on.

Take control of your life my friend. Or someone else will

You must be willing to challenge yourself and do something different.

Not knowing the right people is actually an advantage.

Your work, talents and personality stands out without prejudice. It can take you very far.

But you must take that step or you’ll be forced into it against your will.

I Don’t Have Enough Money

“None of us ever has enough money Craige or else we wouldn’t be working”

I know this is what your natural response may have been but let’s dissect it.

Because not having enough money isn’t just a matter of cash.

It’s resourcefulness.

We simply do not believe the thing we desire is important enough. If we did we would have found a way to come up with the money.

I know that’s easy for me to say but you determine one’s priorities by what they spend their money and time on.

Most people who struggle with finances either don’t make enough or lack the financial discipline to live within their means.

Therefore, when an investment opportunity with have very high chance of return, they back out.

And for those of you who genuinely don’t have the money, get an extra job or a side hustle to bring it in.

Everyone may believe their financial situation is unique but it almost comes down to resourcefulness.

Because if your kids were terminally ill, or your homes were about to be repossessed, you’d find a way.

Be resourceful. Instead of saying I don’t have the money, say how can be resourceful and find the money to make it work

I Don’t Have Time

Let me ask you, what did you accomplish yesterday? What did you do yesterday morning?

While I don’t expect you to have it memorized, the point is unless you’re keeping track of
where your time is going, you have no reasonable excuse.

I don’t care how busy you think you are, the vast majority of you have time!

You can find an extra half an hour to workout, read, take a class, etc.

If you really want something, you’ll make time for it.

When your child gets really sick, do you complain you don’t have time because of work?

When that special someone is around and you really want to see them, is time really an issue?

Or don’t you just move something around and say F* it?

We all make time for what’s important. Just be clear what that is and quit lying to yourself about it

For one week, write out all the activities you do and you’ll be shocked where your time is going

I Don’t Feel Like It

Do your bills ever feel like not coming?

Does your rent, mortgage and property taxes have feelings attached to them?

I think you know where I’m going with this.

And no, you’re not a robot, but your feelings are extremely subjective.

It’s normal to not feel like doing something, but that shouldn’t decide whether you do it or not.

That may feel awkward but that is what discipline comes down to.

Doing something for the first time never feels right. And that’s fine.

You go to work everyday, right? Do you always feel like it?

The better you get and the more consistent you are you’ll feel like it a lot more often.

The fact is whether you enjoy doing something or not, there will be days you won’t feel like it.

Do it anyway. It’ll get way easier with time and you’ll barely have to think about it

The Man is Oppressing Me

I absolutely despise this one. This is victimhood at its finest.

People love this a lot and it’s scary.

Typically, they blame everyone else but themselves for their circumstances.

The Government, God, the Church, the System are all silly excuses many we breathe out

No one is oppressing you but yourself.

We generally are afforded most if not all of our basic human rights unless you live under a communist regime.

We use those excuses and blame-shift to make sense of our setbacks.

If you truly want to live up to your potential, you must avoid this at all costs.

Sure, corruption does exist. But there is plenty of opportunity and resources to make it no matter who you are and where you’re starting at.

I’m Not Educated Enough

We first need to dissect what ‘educated’ means.

Being “college educated” is absolutely not a requirement to live your best life.

The exception is if you’re pursuing a field requiring accreditation. You can do that only through a college.

The best definition I came across of ‘being educated’ is:

The best definition I came across of ‘being educated’ is:

A demonstrated ability to listen carefully, to think critically, to evaluate facts rigorously, to reason analytically, to imagine creatively, to articulate interesting questions, to explore alternative viewpoints, to maintain intellectual curiosity and to speak and write persuasively

When one says they’re not educated enough they mean that they’re not confident enough in their skillset. That I understand.

But you need to realize that no one was 100% confident in their skillset when they got started.

The only real way to become confident in your skillset is to practice.
I know it sucks at first but you must push through.

As the great Warren Buffet says “You get paid in proportion to the difficulty of the problems you solve”.

It takes effort but that’s where truly unshakable confidence comes from.

You become good enough by doing the work get better and doing your best where you’re at right now.

I’m Just Not Ready Yet

This is related to the previous, but different.

No matter how competent people are, they just don’t feel like they’re ready.

This isn’t irrational though.

However, there is never a right or perfect time to do anything.

We all have varying life situations, but life waits for nobody.

Someone right now is doing what you’re believe you’re not ready to do and is reaping the rewards for it.

They’re starting the business they’ve dreamed about, learning to drive, taking up yoga classes, taking up an additional certification, etc.

Always remember this: there is someone who needs your contribution that won’t be helped.

The longer you take, they longer they’ll suffer.

No matter how small you think your talents are, it can change someone else’s life.

Now go do it!

I Don’t Have Enough Experience

I’ll jump straight to the bull’s eye here.

No one was very experienced when they started out. This is another variation of the “I’m not good enough excuse" above.

You need to get started. Impostor Syndrome (not feeling good enough) happens to the best of us.

But is still isn’t a valid excuse not to express your god-given potential. You gain experience by learning and doing, not by thinking about it.

Nobody Believes in Me

nobody believes in me excuse

This one really resonates with me because I’ve been there quite a few times.

But you know what, you should not care.

Yes, you read correctly. You must develop a thick skin to get things done and overcome
challenges whether people believe in you or not.

Am I saying to be cold and bitter Godzilla and ignore any feedback at all costs?

To succeed in life you must develop the courage to take massive action and go for the things you want.

No one ever will do that for you!

Even with the very best advice like you’re reading here, you still need to go get it.

You need to examine those you take feedback from carefully as most people may not have your best interests at heart.

I’m Just Not Ready Yet

There is never a perfect time to be ready.

Don’t put the livelihood and safety of your family at risk though

But take the plunge.

You don’t get real-world feedback by waiting indefinitely and hoping something will be different one day.

I’m Afraid of What Others Might Think

This one may be the last but it’s one of the biggest excuses.

On the surface it seems to make sense.

We have loved ones, friends and mentors whom we don’t want to disappoint.

Though it is fantastic to have a support system, understand the final decision and consequences on any counsel you receive rests on you.

It is still your responsibility to do the work and suck up the results

It is still your responsibility to do the work and suck up the results

Added to that, everyone has different perspectives.

There may be a time that you may have to go against everything you’ve been advised and make the best decision solely for you.

No one lives your life and frankly people don’t think about you that much.

They’re all busy rocking their lives (pun intended).

And you ultimately need the guts to make own decisions and be cool with that whatever that is.

You have one life and other’s opinions and even criticisms isn’t a valid reason not to make the most of it.

2. Excuses for work (Being Late to, Skipping Work or Leaving Early)

You would think like the bunny rabbit says on the cereal Tricks are for kids.

But my oh my, they’re not!

In the workplace there are several white lies and sneaky excuses we use and love like our Facebook feed.

Here are a list of the best excuses

My Car Insurance Expired

While this one happens and is imminent, it simply cannot be used as an excuse.

You should be responsible enough to know you need to make that payment if it couldn't be made (uh-hum online)

That's poor scheduling and your employer shouldn't have to suffer for it. Often such payments are being used to cover up something secretly secret.

Let me know in the comments what you think that is

My Dog Shut off the Alarm

In this modern cell-phone, Google Home, Amazon Echo era of technology, this one still mystifies me.

Here's the ice cold Heineken truth: your employer doesn't care. And honestly they shouldn't.

If you need an alarm to get up daily you need to adjust your sleep habits or rock the bed earlier.

I Lost my Phone

Ring ring.

Sarah: Hello

Donald: "Sarah"

Sarah: Who is this., terry?

Donald: Yes

Sarah: Ohh Terry ready to meet for drinks on Friday evening?

Donald: Sarah, it's Donald. I thought you said you lost your phone

Sarah: Ohh

(Terry was the co-worker by the way)

We've all seen some version of this. Hope it wasn't you.

Even if you did genuinely lose your phone, explain to me how it connects with you missing work or showing up unreasonably late

Phone or not, it's your responsibility to be at work on time or later in the case of a real emergency

Office is Too Hot or Too Cold

Look. I understand workplace comfort is important.

You need it so you’re more productive and efficient.

But some of you absolutely overdo it.

You call in sick because the AC is too cold or there was no fan yesterday.

Some of you just hate your boss just don't like what you do

And if you're one of the loyal ride or die work gladiators who don’t do this, go to HR or directly to your employer about it.

If he / she doesn't do anything about it for a few days then you have a much stronger case.

List of Excuses for missing school

“Please excuse Gloria from Jim today. She is administrating.” - Parent Note

With school, something always comes up and we have a reason for it. Whatever that is only we will truly know.

Here are some of the most common school excuses

Incomplete Homework

You procrastinated and just thought you can finish up last minute.

And tried just when you really began to feel guilty. You finally get off your butt and get started.

Unfortunately it wasn't enough as you didn't realize there was so much more involved.
You’re stressed and panicking and decide the just take the next day off

School has Declared a Holiday

Everyone's favorite. While this one may not always be an excuse, students often lie about it to skip attending.

Also its used as a reason to skip class if the know no one will be there or if there are school functions.

Some parents take their children away completely and treat it as their holiday

Our Class Teacher will be Absent today

Oldie Goldie right here.

Students automatically assume that there won't be any school activities if they know the teacher will be absent.

Being Intentionally Late in the Morning

You know you have to catch the bus at 7:30am. You deliberately didn't set the alarm
and go to bed late doing who knows what.

Parents this is what your kids do. When you come to wake them up, they pretend they didn't hear the first time.

Nip it in the bud before becomes a habit

I am Not Feeling very well Today

Kids get sick sometimes. that's normal.

Teachers, parents and everyone else can't move a muscle out of bed at time to get to work.

Many kids lie about this though and use it to escape big tests and submitting major assignments

And parents calling the school and lying about your child being ill is just as bad

Headache or Diarrhea

These are the two classics that seem to work like a charm.

And you may say:

"But Craige, how would you possibly say my son/daughter having a headache, diarrhea or even going to the bathroom every 15 minutes is dishonest? How dare you you…”

Hold it right there.

I never did. It is one of the common ones parents use to let their kids off the hook
I know I may sound like your school principal but there are all good trump card excuses and you know it

3. Church excuses

Did I catch you looking around and at somebody? Look in the mirror first

This one is shockingly common. And it’s the easiest one to get away with unless you’re
the one preaching.

Here are a few

The Church is Just full of Hypocrites

While no group or congregation is perfect, this is an excuse many use. Many of you may agree with this.

But look at it this way: do you go to church just for friends (or fellow members) or for your creator?

Do you have control over what people say and how they conduct themselves?
It's still lame and you should get over it

The Preacher Sucks

I may not be the most regular church-goer anymore, but I've heard this one from way
to many fellow members not to include it here.

Similar to the hypocrites excuse, you don't go to church for the preacher.

Yes he/she is important to the service and its okay to have favorites.

Not going to church is like not visiting the US because President Trump is in office

The Church Sessions are too Long

I can almost telepathically feel some of you twisting in your seats are you read this one.

Now there isn't any rule that says you have to sit straight straight-through church.

However, thinking of it in this way defeats the purpose of the church itself.

Aside from urgent personal obligations and emergencies, you (and your family) should be sitting through the service. It's that simple.

And what if everyone walked out when the simply felt like it?

There would be no service.

I can Watch it Online

There seems to be a hipster trend on the online bubble at the moment of church services.

I'm about to burst it though.

Because unless you're on a hospital bed or travelling, only watching sermons online
is like spiritual fast food every day for breakfast.

While it's good we can get the messages over the internet, it was meant to reach non-believers to help them

Are you available and have a decent church in your area?

I'm sorry but this one doesn't cut it

I Don’t want to go by Myself

If the excuse fairy would give you a sticker, it would be for this one.

Not wanting to go to church alone is like saying you don't want to go out to get groceries because you live on your own

In addition to the spiritual upliftment, many people go to church for companionship.

I'm not saying this has to be your jam.

But those of you who use this one didn't want to go in the first place.


I don't give sprinkles how holy or well-natured you puff yourself to be, we all make excuses.

Some big, some small. Even when we refuse to admit it.

While I don't expect anyone to turn perfect, we have to realize that excuses added up to who we are today

If we're not careful it will determine our futures too.

Don't let it.

You will achieve true freedom when you’re daring and assertive to achieve your goals no matter it takes.

Check your excuses at the door in all areas of your life: personal, professional, going out, church and many more.

To make it super easy since you're so determined by reading through, grab our excuse busting checklist right here..

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