What’s a Mindset Coach 7 powerful reasons why you need one

What’s a Mindset Coach 7 powerful reasons why you need one

The coaching space has grown considerably over the years. Around a decade ago, when most heard the word coach, the first thing that came to mind was sports.

Though this is dejavu for me (since I used to be a sports coach myself) it covers way more.

Thanks to the knowledge economy we now live in, getting help from a professional to reach our goals has become more mainstream and accepted.

“A professional friend” like renowned Love coach Annie Lala calls it.

From the areas of Business Coaching, Executive coaching, Career coaching to interpersonal relationship aspects such as Life coaching, Sex coaching, Marriage coaching and others, it has become a very valuable service and has garnered huge demand around the world.

Now what's a mindset coach and why do you need one?

What's a mindset coach and why you need one

Today I want to tackle a very important but overlooked area. And that is Mindset Coaching.

Mindset coaching while similar to many others deals with the area of achievement, reaching your potential and reaching your big goals.Reaching your Next Level.

As Eben pagan puts it “the next level, by definition, is something you can't see and you can't understand”. But we all do have one.

Why do people get Mindset Coaching?

Despite the plethora of books, courses and free information on the internet most people life’s efforts fall way below their potential.

If information was the issue we all would be successful. And while some sources are of course, better than others, the problem is typically implementation. Just getting to it and doing the work.

We often delude ourselves with “useful information” and “busy work” that gets us nowhere near to our goals.

How do I know? Simple and glad you asked. Look at your list of goals, uncompleted New Year resolutions, unattended gym memberships and your bank account.

On the other hand many individuals once they’ve had some success, be it in their career, side hustle, business become complacent.

They get comfortable and no longer have the drive to move up the ladder and to make rapid progress that once got them there.

As Rich Litvin says, “the more successful one becomes, the lonelier they get”. Though they may carry a lot of prestige and power in their domains, fewer people can actually relate to them and really understand their challenges, problems, frustrations and desires.

Therefore fewer people can actually be that catalyst to help them maintain their peak levels of performance and hold them accountable to their highest aspirations.

Pressure, competition and the desire to always be improving and staying at their best, individuals seek mindset coaches.

Most people go through challenges, endure fears and never recover from setbacks alone and end up giving up on their dreams.

The truth is that you don’t have to and shouldn’t let that be you.

What makes a good Mindset coach?

Though mindset coaching is a very reputable and highly sought after service, not all coaches are equal. However before I list the qualities of a good one, let me first say that every coach is as good as the client allows them to be.

In other words, if you’re not committed to achieving your goals and living the life you actually want (by proactively taking the agreed upon action steps even when you don’t feel like it) no coach can help you.

A coach is meant to be your guide and provide the necessary tools, frameworks, and support to help you achieve your desired goals - but they don’t do it for you.

Also whether someone is a good coach isn’t determined by their age. While some may not fully agree - but others mature differently and it is very possible for one to be extremely capable young.

Now with that out of the way, here are the qualities of a great coach.

Has at least one coaching certification to their name

Now this doesn’t mean a college degree. College may be essential for quite a few professions but you certainly don’t need an MBA to be a good coach. However the certification does indicate a grasp on the fundamentals and acknowledgement of expertise from at least board, practitioner or professional entity.

It’s okay to do your homework and verify but just remember a certification is only one factor to consider and not a be all end all.

Has actual experience in their domain they’re coaching in

A coach is quality not because of the piece of paper they’ve got but their ability to see ahead of you and help you avoid common pitfalls associated with where you’d like to go. They may also speas with conviction but is also empathetic.

A good coach is caring and tactful in their approach. However they have a knack for spotting bullshit. And yes, even yours.

They’re polite but authentic in their demeanor and feedback. That doesn’t mean they should be disrespectful or use crass language. They simply have a genuine passion and desire for your growth and it comes across in their authenticity.

Mindset Coaching vs Therapy

Now I want to make a clear distinction between Coaching and Therapy here. Many people who are new to getting professional help with their current issues often overlook this.

Therapy deals with the resolution of one’s past while coaching helps one achieve a result they’re trying to achieve.

You may still ask aren’t these still related. Let me use an example to explain more thoroughly.

One may go to rehabilitation therapy to learn how to walk again after a life threatening car crash where they got paralyzed or speech therapy if they were severely disfigured or lost the ability to speak.

However one may get a coach when they’re in a major transition in their lives. That could be from being an executive to a stay at home mom, from being single for many years and frustrated to a happy fulfilling committed relationship which leads to marriage.

We’re always going through a new transition in our lives. It is such important moments where a coach is necessary.

Just like a therapist you don’t have to work with a coach doesn’t forever but some results do take longer to achieve.

Other Common Questions around Coaching

Will Mindset Coaching work for me?

It absolutely will but you must take action. How one sees the world and their future determines the level of initiative and grit to do what’s necessary to reach their potential and achieve their goals. Once this is worked it produces powerful results.

This may get challenging and your thinking along with the right tools massively accelerates your results

But you must already be committed to actually changing.

Is there a difference between a Life Coach and a Mindset Coach?

A mindset coach and a life coach is often used interchangeably. While they have several parallels, a mindset coach helps individuals level up their results and reach even higher levels than they’re currently achieving. A life coach helps one achieve one major result they’re after.

If I’m already successful, would I still benefit from a Mindset Coach?

Yes you would! People who had decent career or entrepreneurial success typically have challenges most other people other their peers can relate to. It would be especially important for someone like you.

Do Mindset Coaches work on personal or professional type goals?

Both. We’re never personal Bob or Lindsey or professional Bob or Lindsey. The more successful one becomes the harder it is to balance those areas of one’s life. It is very beneficial to have the professional partnership to help do it.

If I start coaching, will I need to work with my coach for the rest of my life?

I answered this briefly above but not necessarily. You can work with a coach over an extended period of time but as you reach your targets you just work on slightly different things.

Most professionals have coaches for years they see regularly. It’s normal but you don’t have to.

How long will I need to commit to working with a Mindset Coach?

The minimum time investment for mindset coaching should be three months (90 days).

Along with the research that points to 60-90 days to build a new habit it is what I recommend to clients when they start out.


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